The existing School of Nursing was called as a training school for nurses. It was started in 1911 and was called as Lady Chelmford School of Nursing. It was recognized by the Madras Nursing School. Admission of the student in each year from 1912 to 1950 was less than 10. 1951 – 12 students, 1954 – 24 students, 1955 – 19 students and the examination for midwifery practical was started. 1967 onwards the male students were taken for training. Principals were appointed from 1912-1920 - Nurse Annie Simpson of London was the first Principal and subsequent Principals from the British Empire. 1921-1922 - Miss Drake. 1922-1955 – Miss Braun Ford. 1955-1965 – Miss E.Machado 1962-1965 European and Anglo-Indians staff nurses were trained here. 1970 WHO, recognised this hospital and supervised students from Andaman & Nicobar Islands to undergo GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) training and is continuing till date