Introduction: A brief introduction to the Library of Bowring & Lady Curzon Medical College and Research Institute.
Library Building:The College is a 13 storied building with the library in its 1st floor, it occupies a massive space which is spread across an area of 15,000sq.ft. It is designed to put up 300 readers at once.Library is in service to provide the most updated and authenticated information to the users through different resources. It runs with the most updated technology in use.We take pride in our extensive collection ofBooks, Reference books, periodicals, serial publications and unique audio-visual aids and microfilms that expand the learning experience of our students. Internet connection to provide access and download online Journals and E-books.We run an apprentice training programme in Library Science and provide (Inter Library Loan) ILL service to all neighbour institutions and thus continue to play a vital role as an information Centre for faculty, research scholars and students.
• There is a faculty room for the discussion which can accommodate 30 staff members.
• A digital librarywhich gives provision to 40 computers.
• Audio Visual room
• Binding and Photocopying Section
• Books are catalogued in technical section.
• It’s an automated library
• Web OPAC is in service for quick access to save the time of the reader

Rules of the library:
Objectives of the Library:To provide the most updated information to ensure the best patient care. The Library would extend its arm to serve the health services and be an excellent support for education where library will serve as a backbone for implementing principles of ethics, excellence, care and research, in line with our motto “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

Admission to the library:
• Students should provide their college ID while entering the arena
• Visitors can use the library if they are permitted by the Director/Dean.
• The library is parted into 2 sections; one where students can read their own books and other where they have access to library’s collection.
• Readers should abide by the rules of the library for a pleasant experience.

Department libraries:
• Individual Department can borrow books of their interest provided the central library has more than one copy of the book.
• Reference copies can be issued to the department’s beside the signature of the Department head.
• Department has to keep a proper record of the occupied books as they will be held responsible for the taken books.

Services Rendered by the Library:
• Issue Section
• Reference Section
• Old Books Section
• Book Bank: There is a separate Book Bank from which books are issued to the SC/ST students on term basis after providing the required certificate.
• New Addition
• Conference Alert service:Forthcoming conferences, seminars, workshops & competition pamphlets & circulars are displayed in the notice board of the Central Library for the information of the users.
• Current Journals and periodicals Section: it is displayed on the racks for the usage of the users:
• WHO Publications: A separate section of WHO publications is maintained in the library.An updated catalogue book providing all the WHO publication details is available in the Library and it may be provided on request by the users.
• Thesis Section
• Online Journals
• Computer Lab & Internet services
• Audio- visual Services: The seminar hall of the Central Library has modern audio visual services including LCD projectors and sound systems which are made available for other departments to conduct Training programmes, orientation programmes, seminars, conferences and extra classes for other UG and PG students.AV/DVD Viewing Wall/Digital Video
• HELINET Service
• Dedicated Reference Desk
• Customized/Scheduled Hands-on training for all researchers
• Discussion Meeting Rooms, lounges, Bay for laptops, Individual study,
• Cyber Centre ( Network resources)
Collections of the Library:
• Subject books available in the library:
 Anatomy
 Biochemistry
 Physiology
 Medical Education
 Medicine
 Forensic
 Pathology
 Pharmacology
 Microbiology
 Psychiatry
 Paediatrics
 Dermatology
 Ophthalmology
 Orthopaedics
 Surgery
 Anaesthesia

• E- Journals
• E-Books

Library timings: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
4.00pm to 9.00 pm
Library shifts: 2 shifts
Library Staff:
• Librarian
• Deputy Librarian
• Asst. Librarian
• Attender

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