Hostel Life – Girls hostel

Hostel life is an emotion combined with many emotions…..
It contributes to a lot in introspection. It forces you to let go of the baby treatment and face reality.

Day 1 : “Can I sit on your bed?”
Day 316: “I’m sleeping on your bed – wake me up at 5.”


We have one hostel which is near Goshia Hospital , Shivajinagar. It is just 800m away from the college, so you can walk to class. (If you love music, it’s just 4 songs away!)

We are lucky to have a hostel with good infrastructure – it is the new hostel with a wide range of facilities.
The hostel features :

3 bathrooms and 4 toilets per floor
14 rooms per floor
Washing area for each floor
Huge parking area
Walking track
Each room suites 2 students and is equipped with 2 cupboards, 2 study tables, 2 chairs and 2 cots.

The hostel is cleaned every day.


1. A mattress of 78 x 33.5 inch (it’s ok if it varies slightly), pillow, blanket, bedsheet, pillow cover

Toiletries, bucket, mug, water bottle, plate, glass, spoon, cup, lunch box (if you want to carry the food to class)
Rope for drying your clothes
All the other basic things which you require
You will definitely find one person washing clothes especially during nights. If you are too lazy to wash then you can get your laundry done outside the hostel.


It is in the ground floor of the hostel with dinning hall. The food is good.
Drinking water taps are in each floor near the washing area. (Drinking water comes from the filters so don’t worry.)

There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this…
You will actually find a wide variety of friends. Life in the hostel includes stars after dinner, endless late night talks, birthday celebrations, dancing and singing to random songs and many more things words just can’t explain.

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