First Covid Patient Discharge Experience

I am writing this note after discharging from Bowring hospital as a Covid recovered person  couple of days ago.First of all I would like to thank all the health warriors of the Hospital and the entire management working for the facility.People are worried in such a way that Covid-19 leads to death but its not the reality.Most of the patients are asymptomatic and recover in a week to 10 days time with proper medicine and food.Proper food system with medicines in hospitals leading to speedy recovery.Patients co-operation with hospital and communication for required facility in hospital are always recognised and made available with fullest possible way.Doctors and staff were very co-operative and addressing our issues in a responsible way.Admission and discharge and medication stream was well maintained patients wise.
The nodal officer  and PRO very quick to resolve my concerns with  help of their Principal and Director.The frontline doctor were amazing in giving excellent careI request all of you  to be positive in your mindset and follow health instructions to recover soon…
All the best..

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